After-sale Service

All LC Sign products are covered under warranty for maintenance and
replacement of the materials and functions. Problems 
and failures verified upon further
identification will be offered free repair service.


LED modules & transformer  (3 years)
The signage body  (5 years)
LED flex neon sign LED  (1 year)

LED marquee letter sign  (1 year)


1.Template with holes    2.Thread rods, nuts & sleeve nuts   3.Transformer/adapter   4.Circuit diagram 


In case some problems on your LED sign are found, please do the following. 
Step 1:  Please take pictures or shoot a video clip and send them to us. 
Step 2:We will analyze them and respond to you in 2 working days;
Step 3:  We will make up the same sign as the original free of chage.


We will make up a new sign on the conditions that : 
1.Acrylic sheet gets broken. 
2.LED modules or transformer don’t function.
3.Color, style or size gets wrong. 
4.Some accessories are missed. 

The following circumstances are not covered by the warranty
1.Incorrect design files emailed to us.
2.Product data not matching to the order.
3.Incorrect wire connection.
4.Man-made damage.
5.Unforeseen factors.
In case of any damage incurred in the course of transportation, we will make up a new sign as long as details are provided.  

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